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Spring Clean Up

Spring is the time to clean up the damage from winter and get your property ready for the growing season. Put us to work cleaning up your yard.

We will:

  • Thatch the lawn (loosen the dead grass)
  • Rake the yard
  • Clean flower beds and bushes
  • Remove all debris



Three choices of mulch color, delivered and spread in areas specified by you.

*Red Hemlock mulch (dark redd-ish color mulch)

*Pine bark mulch (brown-ish color mulch)

*Black forest mulch (darker black-ish color mulch)

Shrubs, hedges and trees pruned as needed.

Lawn aeration supplies the soil with air, reduces soil compaction and controls thatch in lawns to help water and fertilizer move into root zone.



Shrubs, hedges, Spring Clean up and trees pruned as needed.