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Facilities Management

Facilities management companies vary significantly in what they offer. PFML is a management company, working with service partners to deliver a wide range of services.

Our facilities management solutions can cover on and off-site management, 24/7 helpdesk, maintenance, cleaning, catering, security, project management and a whole host of related services required when you own or occupy property.

With every customer we first try to understand their current situation, understand their goals and understand their culture. This knowledge allows us to evaluate and recommend solutions from the various service delivery options that will be available to you.

Buying multiple services for single or multiple sites throws up so many variables that getting to the best value solution for your organisation often needs independent thought.

Our solutions provide independent management that works alongside your management teams. Therefore our goals are your goals. To deliver services such as Building maintenance, window cleaning dublin services and catering we engage local, regional and national suppliers, all approved by us for performance, quality and financial stability.

Importantly, we don’t add margin to the cost of the facilities services we deliver through service partners; therefore we have no interest in keeping these costs high.