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Cleaning Services

Vehicular Parking Control

Car Parking spaces located in underground car parks and surface common areas, require parking management and control.  Where a trespass car is parked illegally within a private owner’s car space, the owner may contact the parking control company directly to have the car clamped.

The service is 24-hours, 7 days a week and it is considered an effective measurement to ensure parking control for each owner.

Random inspections to the common areas are carried out to ensure there common areas are at all times free from obstruction e.g. car park ramps and emergency access areas

Building Cleaning Dublin Services

PFML arrange for internal and external building cleaning services for our client developments. We ensure a quality service at competitive rates and terms are obtained. Our goal is to deliver high quality services, which meet the overall requirements of our clients to ensure a clean, safe, healthy, comfortable environment in all our buildings. Cleaning duties include :

  • LItter picking and removal of cigarette butts at entrances.
  • Clean all entrance doors including metal and handles.
  • Clean letter boxes.
  • Vacuum entrance mats.
  • Clean pictures, furniture etc
  • Remove dust and cobwebs.
  • Mop tiled floors.
  • Vacuum hall stairs and landing.
  • Clean internal doors, skirtings, sockets and switches.
  • Mop elevators and polish external/internal elevator  doors & panels .
  • Clean stairwell handrails.
  • Clean window ledges.
  • Check radiators and fire extinguishers.

Window and Gutter Cleaning

The window cleaning is carried out at agreed periods and includes the cleaning of all internal and external common area windows, inaccessible apartment windows and all ground floor windows.

Regular gutter cleaning is vital to protect guttering fixture & fittings and ensure excess water dispersion. The gutter cleaning is carried out annually PFML notifies residents in advance of the programme and in addition, provide a 2 day call back in the event of any dissatisfaction.

Vermin Control

Preventative bait stations for vermin are located throughout each property development at various locations in car parks, basements and in the grounds. Six inspections are carried out by the contractor annually.

This service is delivered by our quality contractors.